You’ll be Amazed by What I Saw in the Sky. Check it out!


I was amazed by what I saw. It was one faithful day. I went to see a ‘long time no see’ friend in Karatudu, Kaduna State. After our blissful little get-together, I begged to take my leave and she offered to see me off.

Immediately we graced out of her house, bingo! There she was in the sky. In the brilliance of her colourfulness, haloing the sun at noon.

We were awed by her nature, rareness and beauty. To keep her memory alive, we decided to snap her.

You'll be Amazed by What I Saw in the Sky. Check it out! 1You'll be Amazed by What I Saw in the Sky. Check it out! 2

She is called sun halo. She is formed or birthed whenever sunlight passes through tiny hexagonal ice crystals in cirrus clouds within Earth’s atmosphere.

I was raptured that day, for my friend gave me a ‘second to none’ treat and the universe capped it all by giving me the most beautiful natural phenomenon I’ve ever beheld.

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Originally posted on 07/01/2021 @ 12:21 PM

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