What To do When Your Head Goes Blank In An Exam Hall

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Virtually every student has had that experience in which his/her brain froze (blanked out) during an examination in an exam hall, and they can’t seem to remember what they have read or had an idea on what to write.

This experience is devastating especially when you are not able to unfreeze your brain (that is; remember what you read and get yourself to start writing again) before the end of the examination. This is one experience you wouldn’t want to have again.

Nevertheless, this article is aimed at pointing out the reasons why students blank out in an examination and what to do when they find themselves in such conditions.

Blanking out in an examination is associated with a lot of reasons which include; anxiety, tiredness, pressure, and inadequate preparedness. However, there are things students do that tend to put them in such conditions where the above-mentioned reasons can affect them and eventually cause blanking out in the exam hall.

When a student is not adequately prepared for an examination he/she becomes anxious hoping and praying that questions should come from the part he/she has studied. Also, most students tend to start reading a day or two before their examination thereby stressing their brain is trying to consume the information they ought to have consumed gradually from weeks of studying and preparation.

One common mistake students make that result in blanking out is trying to give exactly what is their notebook word for word by cramming instead of trying to understand important concepts.

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Students have to understand that mind blank does not last it is just for a while and In other to overcome it in an exam hall, there are a few things they need to do which are;

Students need to study well and read wide and not concentrate on just the note or material they were given.

Students should attempt past questions of the exams from previous years to get acquainted with the questions.

Students should Jot down important concepts while reading- you easily remember what you wrote down while reading than what you just read without writing down.

Read ahead i.e. weeks before the exams and revise a few days to the exams

Most importantly try to get enough sleep a night before the exams- the brain performs better when it has rested well.

However, having done the above-listed activities and somehow your mind still goes blank in the exam hall, don’t panic, keep calm, take a deep breath, close your eyes and look up and take your mind back to when you were studying by reminiscing on it and soon you will see that you’ve started writing again.

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