What The World Would Be Like If Education Didn’t Exist


Have you ever wondered what our beautiful world would be like if education didn’t exist?

According to Wikipedia,

Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include teaching, training, storytelling, discussion and directed research. … In most regions, education is compulsory up to a certain age.

The ways of learning and educating ourselves is not something that one can wish away.

While learning happens even for animals, it is true the learning is something that we as humans can’t escape. Right from the creation of mankind, the very first day of his life, his search began. With every discovery, he added meaning to his life and his existence on earth.

For some reason, he was always at the top of the food chain and the predominant force that operates the ecosystem. Technology, I would say, is the child of the education. If science isn’t possible without formal education and learning, we are here to talk about how the world would be without this education system.

The Absense of Civilisation:

The world has seen a great deal of civilisations. Individuals have encircled a framework for themselves to live and they live by standards. Individuals who were just creatures begun to lead a real existence that was particularly early. This was conceivable just when individuals began surrounding rules and guidelines to have a humanized existence, and that was when culture was conceived.

Illogical Beliefs:

In out today’s world it is quite hard to believe that people feared the existence of flights. They thought flights were a symbol of war and dreaded it. Now things have changed a lot. With the help of education, we have killed a lot of unreasonable and superstitious beliefs. This wouldn’t have been possible without the growth of education and development of science.

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There Won’t Be Any Trace Of History And Humanity:

Some Great philosophers came to a conclusion that, when we learn and preserve history we won’t be able to kill ourselves. Without this learning, history and humanity wouldn’t have been possible. The concept of civilisation, culture, history and humanity are all inter-related.

Technology Won’t Exist

It is true that the early man discovered fire and wheel even before he discovered science. But with the benefit of education, we have a long way off from flint stones and rubber tubes. We have gotten into a world that is much more mechanical than we thought it would be. Without education, the tremendous growth of technology that we have seen in front of our eyes would have been just a mirage without education.

What other things do you think would happen if education didn’t exist?

I will be waiting for your comments below.


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