What Is Wrong With Arsenal Football Club?

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I know you’d be wondering why this topic, but sincerely if you’re a fan of Arsenal FC, you’d be scared to stand and talk about your dear club like other fans do.

The disrespect of the club alone is overwhelming.
What is wrong with Arsenal, now this is a very great question that needs to be answered both by players and the coaching staff.

Many will say “The owner doesn’t spend money on big players” but again there are clubs that don’t lash out money on big players and still doing well.

Their performance in their last match against Manchester City was way too poor, I don’t know what to say about David Luiz, considering a player at his level still playing like a young nervous youngster, I mean what he did in that last match was bad, with the red card and the penalty.

Now I think there’s a lot of things wrong with Arsenal but I’ll just explain five points.

1. Players Mentality :
There has been a disease for the players, they vividly lose interest in the league every mid-season. These have now turned to regular things for the players.

2. Weak Chemistry Among The Players :
Have you observed Arsenal players pass? These players literally don’t have accurate passes, they just kick the ball where ever they think it should go.

3. Bad Finishing :
Now, this is mainly the fault of their forward, even if their strategy is so on point, there’s now their top forwards end up spoiling their finishing which would have been goals.

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4. Formation: It’s shocking that the new Arsenal coach is still using old formation in this new modern-day football, I mean how can you be using a formation from the early ’90s to play teams that have evolved with football. And Arsenal is a that has too many good midfielders and a very small percentage of good forwards that sometimes rust on the bench seat.

5. Injuries: This is something that weakens a club’s performance. Seems to me like a diabolical curse. Some of the good players get injured right when the club needed them the most.

Now, these are just some of my observations about what’s wrong with Arsenal FC, I know some of their fans will troll me for this, but again the truth will always be bitter, either you accept it or not Arsenal FC needs to seat and check their club out or else their problem will prolong and they lose fans every minute just like they did today. 
I wish my once favorite club the best and hope they recover soon.

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