Ways To Get What You Want From Your Nigerian Parents    

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A parent is a caretaker of a child that is to say their responsibility is to nurture and provide for their children.Apart from the sound education, food, shelter, clothing parents provide for their children, the children also have wants and desires they wish their parents meet up to.

However, such wants and desires could be fancy clothes, shoes, bags, the latest phones, and so on.

Take for instance you saw a beautiful shirt you want to possess, you’ve even started to imagine how the shirt will look on you and because you can’t afford the money to purchase it, you’ll begin to think of various strategic ways on how to get your parent to purchase it for you.

Nevertheless, am very sure you are aware that most of our Nigerian parents cannot just give in to your wants and desires, they don’t just give you whatsoever you ask of them at all times because they have this notion that if you over pampered a child, he/she might start to misbehave and would become worthless to the society.

Well, in this article I’ll be letting us know a few ways to get things from our Nigerian parents.

Growing up in a Nigerian home can be very interesting, you don’t really get bored, reflecting on the things our parents often force us to do can be very hilarious and sometimes annoying. Nigerian parents are very controlling, funny, dramatic, traditional, and strict.

One thing I also noticed about Nigerian parents is they love respect a lot and it pleases them each time we talk to them respectfully. Below are a few ways to get things from your Nigerian parents;

  1. Don’t squeeze your face when sent on errands. Although I know some of these errands could be irrelevant sometimes but if you want to please them so as to get what you want from them, you just have to run it without grudges, frowning, or squeezing your face.
  2. Always pay attention and agree to what they say even if you think it’s not really true. Parents are happy when their children listen to them and heed to their advice.
  3. Be respectful: Nigerian parents like it when people talk about how respectful you are it makes them proud and happy. You can show respect by kneeling down or prostrating to greet elders (mandatory in the Yoruba homes).
  4. Always read your books: parents derive joy when they see there children always reading. It pleases them when their kids are smart and intelligent and I can assure you that an intelligent child always gets what he or she wants from his/her parents.
  5. Teach them things they don’t know. For example how to use technology to maintain a social connection.
  6. Appreciate them and tell them how lucky you are to be their child.
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I’m sure if we put these few ways into practice, our Nigerian parents will b very happy with us and will do their best to give us whatsoever good thing we want or desire.

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