Tragic: 7 Top Nigerian Journalist Die Within 7 Day

Photo by Gratistogram from Pexels

It’s no news that seven shocking death has emerged in the journalist industry under seven days in Nigeria. The seven deceased journalists who died of different diseases worked in different media houses.

First, it was Nigerian’s popular OAP, Dan Foster who worked with CoolFM, City FM, and Inspiration FM. Dan Foster was reported to have died of the popular virus that has claimed lives around the world, COVID-19.

Then it was Hugo Odiogor. Hugo was the former editor in chief Vanguard, as at the time of writing this article his ailment was unknown.

After Hugo’s passing, a piece of shocking news beheld the industry again as Xavier Ndayongmong who was the Crime Editor at Daily Independent was declared dead.

As if it was not enough, Crime and Defence Correspondent at AIT, Nkiruka Udoh was also declared dead. Immediately after her death, Naomi Uzor who was working as the Business Desk at the Vanguard was also reported to have died.

Aramide Praise Oikelome, who was working as the Media Project and Independent Newspapers was declared dead too, and then Azeez Ozi Sanni who was known as the Cartoonist at The Nation was also declared dead.

Dan Foster’s death came as a shock to the whole Nigerians because he was more popular with his contributions to the Nigerian music industry. He died a day after his result came out as positive for coronavirus.

Nkiruka Udoh, who was a Crime and Defence Correspondent at Africa Independent Television (AIT) was reported to have died of complications from her fibroid operation.

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Mr Hugo Odiogor is well known as the foreign affairs analyst and ex-Chairman, of the Vanguard Editorial Board. Hugo died on Saturday, June 20, after a very serious illness which had made him travel to India.

Naomi Uzor’s death was also a shock to the industry. She was once a correspondent at the Desk in Vanguard Newspaper was declared dead from a serious health complication relating to high blood pressure. While Azeez Sanni, who was well known as a cartoonist for one of the most popular media houses in Nigeria, The Nation Newspaper, died after battling a prolonged liver problem.

It is so sad to see these young, vibrant, and hardworking Nigerians die to these ailments.

May their souls rest in peace. Amen.

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