This 4 powerful habits will make people value you


To value something is to hold it in high esteem, regard it and place importance on it.

The more people value you the more influential and honourable you become.

When an employer places importance on an employee, he/she does everything to keep that employee. Because, he/she knows the employee’s worth and cannot afford to lose him/her.

One of the reasons why a lot of people get retrenched from their place of work these days is because they have not proven their worth and value but rather they’ve shown some behavioral flaws.

Hence, there is a need to examine the basic things you need to do that will increase your worth and value.

Because, people will do whatever they need to do to keep someone they perceive is of high value to them either at work or in a relationship.

Improve on the characters mentioned below if you want to become more valuable.

• Honesty
No individual will feel at ease keeping a dishonest friend. Likewise in an organization, they won’t keep a dishonest employee. A dishonest person is very dangerous to keep.

In relationships and marriages, if you are not honest to your spouse, your spouse will no longer hold you in high esteem.

This is why many men have lost the respect acrue to them by their wives due to dishonesty.

It is very important for you to be honest and trustworthy if you want people to value you. Value is earned but not through questionable character but rather, value is earned through godly and unquestionable character.

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Until you start living a life of honesty, People will not value you.

• Excellence
Aside good character, there is also a need for people to possess expertise, wisdom, and excellence in their career and chosen profession.

Naturally, when you are excellent, both men of high and low class will value you. If you are an artisan, your customers will gladly patronize you.

To be sincere, everybody values an expert. What ever it is you do, be sure to be an expert and portray excellence in it and it will bring you before kings and Queens.This 4 powerful habits will make people value you 1

• Hardwork
Truth be told, Nobody loves to deal with lazy people. If you want your self worth to increase you have to work diligently and faithfully.

In your place of work, work thoroughly. Know what you are suppose to do and do it without being asked. Be proactive.
Work dignifies a person.

They may call you a workaholic, care less, and stay focused. Hardwork pays.

• Be Close To People
One other way to stay relevant in life is by getting close to people, irrespective of the situations and circumstances surrounding them. Like they say, “true friends stick with you through thick and thin”.

Some friends are seasonal friends, they show up only when things are fine and disappear when the going gets rough. It ought not to be like that.

If you want people to value you, stick with them during their good and hard times. That way you’ve proved your worth to them.

Staying close to people means relating well with them and understanding them even when they haven’t say a word.
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Originally posted on 13/01/2021 @ 8:51 AM


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