Steps to take to get a yes when you ask her out

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Different guys have diverse ways to approach or woo a lady. Funnily, some of them memorize lines to tell her, and this leads to rejection most times because that Man trying to woo that lady fail to understand certain simple rules to adopt when talking to her. You shouldn’t be gloomy because you keep getting a No from almost all ladies you ask out. Take note of these steps to get a Yes when you ask her out.

1. Self-confidence:  self-confidence is having confidence in oneself and in one’s power and abilities. This trait is very Paramount to a man because most ladies finds men with confidence and boldness attractive. So, have that confidence and boldness when talking to her by not digressing from your topic because the act of ‘ Twist and Turns‘ bores them (ladies). So, it’s important to express yourself in boldness and confidence.

2. Be Hilarious: Being funny while talking to her does not really mean you should absolutely turn the moment to be comedy show, but in a moment make her smile, happy and keep the conversation going in a jovial mode. Keep this going and you will get her interested and want to talk more with you.

3. Avoid looking over- serious: going up to her looking as if you are in a court room defending yourself kills the vibe. Ladies love fun guys, so give out that happy face when talking to her to cheer the moment and this will make her give you her attention.

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4. Good conversation: In a conversation where the both parties have the liberty of consciousness to rub minds together boost the mutuality amongst the both of you. So, engage her in a good conversation that will get her interested and want her want to talk more and get her enthused with the conversation.

5. Look straight to her eyes: Looking straight to her eyes always shows how confident and hold you are which is a plus to your mission because it makes her know how interested you are in her which will pass an essential message to her. So, ensure you always make eye contact with her.

6. Avoid asking her if she is dating someone: Asking her whether she is dating someone is old fashion and it sounds intrusive which kills your chances of getting a yes from her. She will definitely make it known to you if the need arises.

7. Learn to hold her hands: Holding her hands during a conversation passes a message to her. It makes her realize how attractive she is to you. Always hold her hands gently and softly, rubbing it and telling her how fresh her skin is.

8. Appreciate her beauty: This is a gunshot to ladies because they so love it and feel comfortable when a man appreciates there beauty by complimenting them. When talking to her make her know how gorgeous she looks in the dress she is wearing, how alluring her lips etc. These comments blow there mind, and they tend to appreciate it so much.

9. Show her lots of care: Always show her how caring you are by checking up on her, try feeding her when you both are eating together, try to help her out and be there for her, these makes her fall for you.

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10. Finally, you can shoot your gun: This time you can look a little serious as well giving out a charming smile, appreciating her time you spent with you and making your intentions known to her. This assures you a Yes answer.

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