Six (6) Kinds Of People You Should Mingle With


Your environment makes you who you are. From cradle to grave, your environment influences you; your use of language, fashion style, mannerism and so on. Matter of fact, you are a byproduct of your environment.

Actually, People make up the most influential entity in a person’s environment and they can be of positive or negative influence. Hence, the need to be particularly conscious of the kind of people you allow in your circle.

Well, here are the kinds of persons I think you should keep close:


1. The Open-Minded People

This kind of people are the ones that are always open to new ideas and changes. They see the world from a broader perspective. This kind of persons will make you a dynamic and flexible person thus giving you an edge in a constantly changing world.

2. The Optimistic People

They are also open-minded but most importantly, they are relentless when it comes to reaching a set goal. They carry an unfaltering vigor to succeed inspite of challenges. They are seers of possibilities amid seeming impossibilities. They will push you to achieve your goals no matter the weather.

3. The Constructive Critics

They don’t hesitate to criticize you. They lay bare your mistakes and go ahead to give you lessons on how to do better. Having such people around will drive you to always want to produce ideal results.

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4. The Seers Of Potentials

They are called seers of potentials because they always drum into your ears; what you are naturally good at doing. They remind you, with every given opportunity, to live up to your potentials.

This kind of people will push you into realizing your gifts or talents as well as encouraging you to embrace them.

5. The Mentors

A mentor is simply a wise and trusted teacher. This means you should surround yourself with a person(s) that is wise and trustworthy to teach you about things of common interest. Mentors, generally, have more experience and knowledge.

Having one or two mentors will only make you better in your chosen career.

6. The Spirit Lifters

We all know it’s good to be happy. For with happiness comes true satisfaction. Surrounding yourself with cheerful people makes you cheerful most of the time because happiness is contagious (likewise sadness).

Therefore, stick around people with a positive outlook to life because they are mostly happy. This will always uplift your spirit thereby making you more productive.

So there you have it; the people you should surround yourself with. Choose your company wisely!!! Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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Originally posted on 28/12/2020 @ 6:54 AM


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