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I would like to unveil to you this simple tricks you can use to know your intelligence quotient (IQ).
Before I do this, I want us to quickly discuss briefly on the subject matter Inteligence Quotient.

What is Intelligence Quotient (IQ)?
Intelligence quotient is the measurement of an individual’s intelligence. It is also a process by which the cognitive ability and problem solving skills of an individual is assessed through a series of diagnostics processes.

Here I’d like to show you the most simple way to know your intelligence quotient by following the basic guidelines below.IQ

1) Determine your mental age.
2) Know your chronological age.
3) Use this equation to calculate your IQ.
(Mental age / Chronological age) * 100
Let us define the first two quantities in the guideline above.

1) Mental Age:
A mental age is not your true age but rather it is the reflection of your age according to your mentality.

For instance, when a man of 25 years mentally behaves like a boy of 12 years should, then the mental age of the man is said to be 12years, mental age reflects your behaviour.

2) Chronological Age:
Chronological age of an individual is the real age of an individual.

After getting acquainted with these two terms, then you can now calculate your intelligence quotient using the equation given above in step 3.

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Originally posted on 22/12/2020 @ 7:31 PM


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