simple jobs students can do to make extra cash


If you’re born with a silver spoon or your parents are well-to-do, this post may not be valuable for you.

You should know, the children of those well to do parents who are studying abroad, take up one menial job or the other to augment their studying allowances.

You shouldn’t necessarily do it for the money, you can do it to gain experience to add to your CV.

I learnt about a young boy who got a job with baking company while he was schooling. The experience he gathered there gave him a lift in his future job.

These are some of the jobs you can take as a student;

This is one job that pays fairly good that a student can take up to augment his or her wallet.

This job gives you time to read and study your books. Most big publishing firms have working shifts. A student can apply to work during night or afternoon shift.

Working in a Printing Press is a promising opportunity for any student who wishes to survive this harsh economy. You must not go for the big firm, a go to small publishing outlets and ask for job vacancy.


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The Security company is another agency that operates in shifts. They run morning, afternoon and night shifts. Lots of Security guards employed at afternoon or night are students.

Most times when you are around this organizations they guard at night, you can hear them having night readings and discussion classes while on night duty. They are paid about twenty thousand naira every month which is something you can add to your wallet as a student.

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Serving in a bar or eatery, is the sweetest and the most preferable of all the jobs you can work as a student (my opinion though).

This kind of job is get paid as you work. I.e that you will not have to wait for one month to end before you get paid. They pay wages daily.

However, Some people do frown at working in bars especially for the girls.

Yes. To some extent, they may be right. The foolish heart will always fall prey to traps of men. But those who are determined and know why they are there, will work to get their pay and complete their education.


studentBarbing job pays. A friend of mine is currently studying and living in the UK. He saw himself through school from the savings he made from barbing while in school back here in Nigeria. He has not stopped barbing. He still barbs in the UK with his free time. Many Nigerians go to him for barbing and he does it and get paid.

Barbing also gives spare time for students to study their books. Most people coming to have a hair cut and shave their beards usually come in the evening. It takes nothing to start, only your decision to do so.

Look for a barber’s shop around you, attach yourself and within six months, you will start barbing good. Shop owners pay barbers pay per head. I.e, you will be paid some percentage for every head you barb.

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Car washing is a lucrative job, it is another paying job any student who wants to add to his or her pocket money may venture in to.

Car washing is a weekend and evening job. It is not that people don’t bring their cars to car wash in the morning, they do but most cars go to car wash in the evening and during the weekends.

Any student who desires to augment his allowance tips should attach himself with a car wash shop.

The average money a car washer receives per car is about a thousand and five hundred to two thousand naira. And just like barbing, it is also paid per car washed.

Finally, when I was listing these jobs, I was careful not to segregate sex. Anybody can do any of these job, male or female.

Gone are those days when people say this job or that job is for men or women only. Men are into hair making and make up, women are into bricklaying and manual labour. Women are now into taxi driving and tricycle riding business, men are into cooking jobs.

I have seen and heard of female Coaster bus conductors, beautiful girls for that matter.

Don’t be left behind, do what you can to help yourself and help your parents.

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