Signs She’s Cheating On You

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According to numerous research on human behavior,  an average of one out of four people who are in a relationship is usually caught cheating on their partner, which is a prove that infidelity exists in our relationships nowadays.

Well, below are signs,  but not guaranteed, that tell your girlfriend is cheating.


She is always angry at you and always trying to pick a fight by the slightest provocation: She is always angry than usual. She complains at everything you do. She constantly nags you and might say something like “I want out, I can’t do this no more”

She suddenly becomes highly suspicious and jealous: her jealousy becomes suddenly outrageous. She starts accusing you of seeing the woman you are not seeing

She suddenly loses interest in spending time with you: her conversation with you becomes shallow. She seems unwilling to sustain a conversation and always reluctant to be in your company.

She dresses more fashionable and tries to improve her looks in an unusual way:  as her boyfriend, you notice she suddenly starts spending more time to become more appealing. That could mean she is changing not for you but for the person she is cheating with.

She becomes less interested in having sex with you: definitely the only way a woman wants to connect with you both physically and emotionally is through sex.  When she is doing that less often or seeming reluctant to have sex with you, it probably means she is cheating on you

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She suddenly becomes secretive: her life now becomes private. She hides things from you like her security code, she doesn’t pick her calls in your presence, she doesn’t show you off anymore and become apparently distant.

She doesn’t keep track of things: she easily forgets the essential things you both discussed lately. She seems preoccupied and distracted.

These are the obvious signs she is no longer your girl and she is having an affair. However behavioral patterns may vary from one individual to another. She might exhibit those patterns of behavior and still be faithful, so the best thing to do is be straightforward and confront the situation instead of sneaking and snooping around which may result in more complications in the relationship.

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Originally posted on 28/12/2020 @ 1:57 PM



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