Secret reasons why your boyfriend stays long in the bathroom, reason no. 2 is a shocker!


It’s true that some people can spend a whole hour or more in the bathroom. However, is a common believe that women stay longer, in fact, is like Ok for them to stay longer. Well, reason why women should stay longer will be a topic for another day.

Your boyfriend’s regular long-stay in the bathroom may be baffling to you or maybe you don’t even give much thought about it. But now that you are reading about it you may be wondering ” but why the long stay”

Well, every guy has his or her reason for spending a long time bathing and you’ll be surprise to learn that it goes beyond taking a long shower and feeling fresh and invigorated.

So here are two secret reasons why guys stay long in the bathroom:

1. He is overly concerned with his looks

Secret reasons why your boyfriend stays long in the bathroom, reason no. 2 is a shocker! 1

This tells of narcissism, which means excessive love of oneself. A guy who is so concerned about his looks tend to be narcissistic and thus takes outrageously long period of time to freshen up. I bet you if the bathroom has a mirror, he will spend long minutes looking at himself before bathing, while bathing and after bathing.

2. He is masturbating


Yes, your boyfriend is possibly beating his meat in the in there. This is peculiar to hypersexual guys whose girlfriends don’t satisfy them. So, they resort to pleasuring themselves. Now, he is either doing it in the bathroom because he doesn’t want you to know or he just likes doing it while he showers. Either way, that keeps him long.

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So there you have it; secret reasons why guys stay long in the bathroom. Please do share your thoughts on the topic by dropping your comment in the comment box.

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Originally posted on 22/12/2020 @ 2:11 PM


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