Wondering why people say you’re stingy? Here are 4 reasons why they do


Let’s talk about a stingy person!

Stinginess is a lack of generosity but for the sake of this article, let’s use an apter definition;

Stinginess is the unwillingness to give to others.

Stinginess is a nasty attitude, it speaks low of you and will make people avoid you and reluctant to help you in your time of need.

Maybe, people have been calling you out for being stingy even playfully and you don’t seem to understand why. Well, this article should help you do an honest assessment of yourself to see whether you are stingy or not.

You only give when you have more than enough


You have some money to spare but is not as sufficient as you wish so you keep it all to yourself, refusing to help the other needy guy that came asking for a little.

Probably you pitied him, you thought I have some money I can spare but I may need it in the near future, moreover, is not that enough.

Then you told him you are so sorry but you’re afraid you can’t help him.

Well, you are being stingy if you only give when you have an overflow.

When you give, you give sparingly


Overflowing or not you always give sparingly; He came to you asking for N1000 and you did have N10000 of which you can afford to give out N1000 yet you acted like you have no much money and made it look like you are actually squeezing out of a thin resource to give him N500.

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Hmm… that’s stinginess.

You only give to get something in return


You are a firm adherent of give-and-take, you only give to get something in return either in kind or cash you always stand to benefit.

Giving conditionally is also stinginess especially when you stand to gain in the same measure you give or even more.

You don’t give at all


Here you just don’t give a hoot about any needy person. Whether he asks or looks like he needs you don’t care. You only care about not parting with your money. All you do is look away or lie that you have nothing.

Now that’s bad, really bad, it consolidates the fact that you are very stingy.

So, there are points that tell you are stingy and when people call you stingy, it means they have seen those traits in you. Assess yourself, make a change and do what is right. Remember blessed is the hand that giveth than the one that taketh.

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Originally posted on 23/12/2020 @ 6:03 AM


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