Phases of Terror


How can a child understand
Or the Looks of friends in secret society?
Why tell a child to resist sweets and biscuits?
If they were resistible, they wouldn’t be called sweets and biscuits.
Which ever way, the name Ogbomogbmo, Mai yanka kai,
And those small children who would wake you up in the middle of the night demanding back their gifts or the one you love most were my childhood scares.
And not to forget the memories of those Mount Zion movie devils hiding under my bed.
Like why take a child for an evangelistic cinema to watch that Babalawo commune with the three witches of the village as they summon some demons,
Plus the church movie host pausing and adding more pepper in the scare pain.

Yeah what a joy to enter secondary school
And while you just started celebrating your growth,
There comes your English teacher with one speedy dictation, disregarding the fact one couldn’t spell anything.
Then your maths teacher entering some dimensions of multiplication and division
And one mad search to look for X.
As you begin to climb to the realm of mental stupidity, there was this RSM to deal with, a Commandant to fear, an AO to frustrate you and your teachers who also put on the military kaki.
Like when I say this, they all have their own styles of using the cane.
Another set of evil are the senior prefects, and your guess is as close to mine. He is none other but the Labour prefect, and then WAEC and JAMB.
Yet that wasn’t close to the fear of death.

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The next stage is the University
Where you get to hear about the different cult fraternities, how they butcher themselves and the innocent students who also get to suffer.
Well I schooled in the university with the consciousness never to be hit by a stray bullet.

Now that we all are grown ups,
To have entered a stage so dreamed of
We haven’t still entered our rest.
Can you confidently travel our major roads, against the fear of kidnappers?
Our villages blooded by terror.

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Originally posted on 03/01/2021 @ 5:57 AM



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