Use your head: 5 Medical tests you should do to avoid marital problems

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Before I expatiate on why you need medical tests, I know everyone wants to settle down someday, have that every girl or boy who loves you, wed, make kids, and have a happy home.

Well, love plus other virtues make marriage blissful but what about health? A home of unhealthy family members cannot be happy, it will be saddened and constantly tormented by the fear of the looming death of a family member.

This is why it’s very important you ensure that you and your partner are in good health or are compatible health-wise.

So before romancing yourself to walk down the aisle, please carry out the following medical tests for the sake of a happier future for you and your future kids:

HIV test

This one is a no-brainer. Everyone knows that it’s highly important you know you and your partner’s HIV status before you get sexually active together.

According to the report, HIV has led to the death of millions of people around the globe and the number of people living with HIV according to UNAID in 2018 was  37.9 million. This is largely due to a lack of testing before engaging in sexual activity or marriage.


HIV is real, has no cure, and definitely kills. You and your partner should go for an HIV test before you say I do and/or remove the pants!

Genotype test

We have an abnormal genotype (SS), carrier (AS), and normal genotype (AA). In choosing who to marry, make sure you carry out a genotype test because it determines your compatibility which affects your children’s state of health.
For example, AS and SS are not compatible and will result to sickly children who are popular called sickler, they always suffer poor health and have a short lifespan. Some even die before adulthood, believe me, you wouldn’t want to see your child suffer from no hope of a cure or mourn the death of your child.

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The most ideal union is between a man and woman who are both AA, followed by AA and AS pair and that’s it. Any other pairing will only cause problems for a family. Pairs of AS and AS, AS and SS, SS, and SS are not advisable, help yourself and your kids, know your genotypes before you walk down the aisle.

Blood group test

Knowing your blood groups as an unmarried couple and before tying the knot is very important.
When you and your partner’s blood groups are incompatible, you run the risk of suffering from a condition known as hemolytic disease of the newborn which leads to miscarriages and stillbirths.


Moreover, knowing your partner’s blood group saves the time of running a blood group test in case of an emergency.

Fertility test

Infertility can be the cause of problems in a relationship especially in Africa where having kids constitutes marital success.


So fertility test is important except if you have no plan of having your own kids.

Medical tests for STIs

Apart from HIV, testing for other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is also important. This is because certain infections can lead to further complications that can affect your marriage.


An example is Chlamydia which is an STI that can lead to erectile dysfunction if left untreated. This will affect the sexual lives of you and your partner causing sexual dissatisfaction. Also, Gonorrhea, if left untreated, can cause complications that will lead to infertility in a woman. All of these can cause serious problems in your marriage.

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So, guys and girls, love is good but love alone is not sufficient to hold a marriage and keep it happy. Go to the nearest clinic with your bae or boo and get thoroughly tested, it’s for a better future.

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Originally posted on 10/01/2021 @ 5:04 AM


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