Manhood Creed


A real man never gossips about how many women he has had sex with besides his wife. Cheating and adultery disgust him

A real man is loyal and loving to one woman. He does not need eight women twerking around him.

A strong man protects his woman. He does not hurt her.

A real man has courage. He is not afraid of taking risk for the sake of his family and country.

A real man helps and protects other people in need. He does not express “it is not my problem.”

A strong man is honest and respectful to others. He has honor and integrity.

A strong man does not misuse his strength. He does not lose temper and attacks others.

A real man is confident. He knows what he stands for and stands firm.

A strong man is compassionate. He feels for others, and he never exploits helpless person’s weakness.

A real man has moral ideology. He never flipflops like politicians. A strong man is a good man

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Originally posted on 27/12/2020 @ 9:58 PM

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