Man Stabs Three, Injured Three In British Town’s Park

Photo by Matt Hatchett from Pexels

It was a sad day in the southern British English town of Reading on Saturday as a man went on a stabbing spree in a park, killing three people and seriously injuring three other people. However, the police stated that the incident is not currently been treated as a terror attack.

According to witnesses, the ugly incident happened around 1800 GMT on a sunny summer evening in Forbury Gardens was a young adult began stabbing, at random, people who were gathered in the park which is located about 65 km west of London.

In a statement made by police, a 25-year-old suspect from Reading was arrested and charged with murder and that there is no search ongoing for more suspects.


The Detective Chief Superintendent, Ian Hunter, said there is no intelligence that suggests a threat to public safety. He however urges the general public to stay vigilant and report to security agents any suspicious activity that threatens the safety of lives and properties.

He added that the incident is currently not treated as terrorism but police officers are being open-minded as to the motive behind the incident and are being supported by colleagues working in the Counter-Terrorism Policing South East.

Lawrence Wort, a witness who spoke with BBC, said that the assailant suddenly turn towards a group of 8-10 friends and began stabbing them. He said the attacker stabbed the first three badly.

Wort said he and another person had to run to safety when the assailant locked eyes with him and veered towards them. Realizing that they have run to safety he turned towards another group.

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Wort said the attacker left the park when everyone began to run to safety.

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson stated that his thoughts are with the family affected by the horrifying incident. He also commended the emergency services on the scene.

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