How To Make Your Man Do Anything For You

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You know getting what you want from a man can be quite simple. Men are simpler than women and all it takes to get them is simply showering them with affection and attention and not pointing out their shortcomings in a belittling way or nagging. Yes simply drop the nagging and pick up the sweet old-fashion charm only a woman can give and you will get your man willing to do anything for you.

Stop being the one to pick up a fight, cry, snob, brood, and nag. Be the one to charm him with sweetness and cuteness. Well, here are ways to get what you want from your man:

  1. Act sweet and innocent

Giving him the act of a sweet, innocent damsel in distress has a way of charming men to do just anything you ask for.  He will be charmed by your sweet and innocent disposition and compelled to take away your distress.

For instance, if you need him to drive you to your fitness appointment, you should ask him in the sweetest voice possible, using endearing words, putting on a distressed look that tells how much you need him while looking all innocent as if you didn’t really contrive the whole thing. Putting up the sweet innocent girl requires expertise though. So you can start practicing in front of your mirror.

  1. Get or do something he likes

Getting your man a surprise gift or doing what he likes is an effective way to melt his heart and have him do things for you. You can decide to pick up those boxers for him from the mall, make a special dinner for the two of you, watch his favorite sport with him, get him a  thoughtful wrapped-up small gift, do the laundry, give him a massage, etc.

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Getting or doing what he likes will put him in a happy mood as well as make him feel more affection for you which is the right time to ask for what you want. Chances are, he will do or give what you want in as much as you are not asking for his destiny 😄

  1. Give him some good loving

I am talking about giving him that mind-boggling French kiss and driving him to cloud nine with freakish sex. Yea, men will always be men and one of the ways to get them ready and willing to pull the moon for you is by sexually gratifying them. So, make your man sexually happy and he will happily get you all the pearls in the world if he can.

  1. Appreciate your man

This is all about making your man feel good about himself, making him feel you are proud of him and glad he is your man. However sending the message of appreciation requires taking action such as leaning over and planting a kiss and telling him you love him, expressing gratitude in words and kind whenever he did something in the home, flaunting him, pouring compliments all over him, hanging out with him and taking time to do his favorite things with him. All of these are enveloped in appreciation and they’ll make your man do or give you what you want without hesitation.


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Originally posted on 06/01/2021 @ 11:51 AM


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