How To Know If It’s Love At First Sight

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Falling in love, at first, sight is a romantic experience encountered by almost everyone (whether you believe in it or don’t). Love, at first sight, happens more than you think. How do you know if it’s love at first sight? Here are signs that mean you’re experiencing love at first sight.

1. Both of you exchange a prolonged glance

You know there’s how these things happen, you see the opposite sex and you both can’t stop looking into each other’s eyes, now there’s normally these sparks that can make you decide if you are compatible with the person. Even before speaking a word to the other person, you can perceive his/her level of emotions, intelligence, and even try to understand their sexual ability. Your eyes will often lock on one another. You won’t be able to see anyone or hear anything else.

  1. When you’re able to be yourself

You can be able to be your most authentic self when you meet with someone you connect with. The feeling comes with freedom (ability to be yourself), the feelings of immediate attraction, and eas. You tend to find a person’s behavior/mannerisms attractive.

  1. You feel excited

You can’t help but feel joyful every time he/she comes a bit too close and you almost touch. Plus, you feel anxious and filled with a positive vibe.

  1. You want to know everything about the person

Getting to know everything about someone is a sign that you are really attracted to them. It shows that you want more connection with the person and you want to know whether you are compatible or not. The curiosity can lead to asking more about the person which then results in intimate conversation.

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Originally posted on 03/01/2021 @ 1:01 PM


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