How to handle a disrespectful boyfriend

disrespectful guy
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Much talk about love, what about respect?

Respect is equally as important as love in a relationship because the absence of respect will slowly purge the happiness in a relationship.

Therefore, it is important you handle disrespect as quickly as you handle any other vice in your relationship.

Here are tips on how to handle a disrespectful boyfriend:

Don’t counteract

These means don’t be disrespectful in return, it will only create chaos and escalate the situation into something regrettably bad. Instead, keep your cool and act normally. Try to act as respectfully as you can.


He may be affected by your reaction especially if he expected you to counteract. He may have a rethink and apologize, promising not to disrespect you again.

Don’t be quick to write him off

Don’t jump into conclusions, be observant, and try to see the cause of his disrespectful attitude especially if he is not always like that. Sometimes stress and strain make one testy thereby seeming disrespectful.

Therefore, be observant and try to see if he is being deliberately disrespectful or is just a result of stress from work or elsewhere.

However, be careful not to become a doormat to be trampled upon. Know when to make your judgment.

Speak with him

Silence will only amplify resentment. It’s important you address the situation by communicating with him.

Seize an auspicious time to tell him how you feel about how he treats you making him know he is being disrespectful and he needs to stop. If he is sorry, he will apologize and make a promise to stop.

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Moreover, by communicating you may get to know the root of the ill-behavior and kill it immediately.

Remember communication is very important and while communicating be calm and tactful.

Establish boundaries

Finally, it’s important you set boundaries. Make your boyfriend recognize and respect your boundaries, he should know about things you can’t condone. However, be unselfish and mutually respectful in setting boundaries.

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Originally posted on 08/01/2021 @ 7:06 PM


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