How To Bond With Your Partner Without Having Sex

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Wouldn’t you all agree that the measure of a strong relationship is not only in how mind-blowing or how frequent the sex is? Which is why one can have a mind-blowing one-night-stand and leave without knowing the name of the other person. Which means sex is not necessarily the only way to bond with your partner. Matter of fact, one can create a strong bond with one’s partner without having sex.

Therefore, here are 4 non-sexual ways to bond with your partner:

  1. Deep conversation: Taking time to engage your partner in deep, meaningful, and open-minded conversations about your perspectives on issues, dreams, aspirations, fears, and triumphs will help build a deep connection between the two of you. You become closer as well as each other’s confidants.
  2. Indulge in each other’s favorite activity:

This is about occasionally taking time to do what your partner enjoys doing. For example, if your partner enjoys watching and talking about action movies, you should occasionally get one or two action movies to watch together and talk about. Taking time to partake in your partner’s favorite activity helps your relationship flourish because they’ll be happy and you’ll be happy for making them happy.

  1. Engage in sporting or gaming activities together

This will help create fun in your relationship and definitely strengthen the bond. Engaging in sporting or gaming activities with your partner where you compete against each other helps ease boredom, create fun, strengthen bonds, and gives you other physical things to do together with other than sex.

  1. Staying outdoors together
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Engaging in outdoor activities like going out for a concert, going to a cinema, park, beach, stadium, sightseeing, visiting friends, etc. help you bond with your partner. You guys will have adventures and fun thereby creating fond memories and strengthening your relationship.

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Originally posted on 04/01/2021 @ 5:33 AM


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