high paying skills you need to learn in 2020


Marketable skills are what pays this days. Times are changing, having a Degree or Diploma does no longer guarantee you’ll get a job that pays well. Because many graduates are still roaming the street looking for jobs.

A business analyst said, “We have shifted from job economy to skill economy”. I believe there’s a lot of truth in what he said.
Did you know? Over 40% of Google’s employees do not have a college degree but they work with their skills?

With the aid of technology, the world has changed you can now learn many skills without going to college or university but by taking courses online.
Here are 7 skills that will pay your bills forever;

1. Coding Skill
There are so many companies and businesses who need good people with coding skills. Lots of companies out there are spending huge amount of money on coders and software developers.

A good coder and software developer can also work as a freelance developer and make a 6-figure income online.

2. Chat-Bot Marketing Skill
Chat-Bot is like an autoresponder but it is not an autoresponder. An autoresponder is a series of pre-written mails in sequential manner.

For instance, when signing up in some online platforms, you receive an email almost immediately or after a of couple minutes for confirmation. That is an autoresponder.
Whereas, A Chat-Bot is an automatic response in a private chat.

When you visit some platforms of contact a person through a link, a message pops up to you with something like, “Hi, what can I do for you?” and from there the conversation begins. That is a Chat-Bot.

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This new skill set is in high demand and many people don’t know about that, many companies are in need of someone that will focus on Chat-Bot marketing for them.skill

Chat-Bot marketing skill requires some grounded knowledge in Copywriting, and basic technical skills.

3. Copywriting Skill
Copywriting is the ability to use words to persuade and influence someone to buy a product. Copywriting is designed to increase sales.

This skill involves writing of Emails, Landing Pages, E-commerce site, Descriptions, Facebook ads, Google ads and lots more.

So, why is it valuable skill to learn?
Because everyone marketing online, or selling online and any company out there needs Copywriter. This is why good Copywriters are always in high demand.

To master the skill of copywriting, you need the ability of understanding people, understand human psychology and also understand how to get people to take action.

4. System Skill
Many organizations and corporations need someone who is extremely good to help with organizing different aspect of their business, this could be a project, processes, flow etc.

System skill is valuable a skill to have, especially if when you have specialties in certain area. You’ll always be needed, and you can make up to 6-7 figure income with this skill.

5. Digital Marketing Skill
To become a digital marketer, you need a variety of skills that include Copywriting, Funnel Building, designing, Closing, and a little bit of coding skill.

You also have to understand how each and every social media works, what kind of client are in every social media platform.

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You can make huge amount of money as a digital marketer, clients are willing to pay you on a monthly basis for a big a project.

6. Consulting Skill
A lot of changes are happening in the business world, companies need help, guidance and advice, they are in need of consultants.

This can be Social Media consultant, Sales consultant, Management, Tech or Leadership consultants etc.

If you’re a high ticket consultant, you need just about 2 or 3 clients to make a 6-figure income as a consultant.

7. Funnel-Building Skill
So many companies and businesses need funnels to get traffic and convert those traffics into sales. This can be a landing page, lead magnet, webinar funnel and so on.

Any individual with this particular skill can make a lot of money by helping companies to convert traffic into sales, because companies are always looking for a ways to increase their sales.

Funnel building skill requires most a good knowledge in Copywriting. Because funnels are built for conversation of traffic into sales.

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