5 Hidden reasons why your woman is nagging you


A reporter, Elizabeth Bernstein, in a Wall Street Journal article, defined nagging as “the interaction in which one person repeatedly makes a request, the other person repeatedly ignores it and both become increasingly annoyed.”

This captures a clearer definition of nagging as it often results to annoyance and strain in relationship. Nagging happens in both domestic and professional lives but for the sake of this article, we shall look at nagging from a domestic perspective that is between a man and a woman.

Actually, this article is focused on why your woman nags (note that men nag too so is not a gender thing). And we are looking at not just mere reasons but underlying things that cause her to nag you.

She may be nagging about not taking out the trash but that could be one of many results of an underlying problem that needs to be tackled. And you’ll have to gently communicate and probe her in order to tackle this “underlying cause of her nagging”

Nagging spouse

Hence, below are 5 hidden reasons why your woman nags a lot:


An insecure woman who thinks you are cheating on her will definitely nag you. She’ll constantly throw suspicious questions at you, snoop on your phone, PC, throw a fit all in a desperate attempt to confirm her fears.
Well, be rest assured that the nagging won’t stop until you convince her that you are not cheating. That can be achieved by being transparent, saying words of affirmation and even allowing her access your privacy, such as your phone and PC. This will greatly allay her fears and the nagging will stop.

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If your woman habours an inner resentment for you, she will definitely nag you. That is bound to happen because she is still angry with you and the nag is a mere expression of it.

This situation can be resolved through honest communication. Trace back to when she began to nag, identify where you wronged her, tactfully initiate a discussion to calm her down and have her forgive you. You can pacify her further by giving her a treat, get her a thoughtful gift, take her out on a date, reassure her that you love her.

Nagging girlfriend


A stressful day or life is definitely frustrating and frustration can turn her into a nag. In this case, she is simply venting her frustration on you, the person closest to her.

Now, you can stop it by becoming her therapy; give her a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, help her find release. Take her out to unwind- take her dancing, take her on a date, take her on a vacation, massage her, assure her that it would be Ok and take steps to make it Ok. She’ll feel loved, cared for and encouragement.


Yes, some women can be overprotective of their men, and maybe your woman is one of them. Over-protectiveness causes misplaced fear, much worry and even paranoia. Such a woman believes that if she’s not there or in charge something bad will happen.

She always calls to check on him, fear the backdoor is open, the kitchen gas is on etc. She keeps pestering him with questions, instructions and double-checks just to make sure he is safe or he is not doing something wrong.

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Mind you she is not trying to be domineering, at least not deliberately, rather she’s trying to show care. This can be really annoying but it can be tackled by simply telling her as gently and as romantically as you can that you are alright and can take care of yourself. Downplay it, kiss her when she freaks out, massage her to calm her down, take her out to a relaxing place often, give her affirmative words that you are fine and can take care of yourself.

Nagging house wife


A woman with low self-esteem nags a lot because she feels she is not good enough for her man and would have to fight to keep him lest he dump her for a better woman. She always play the victim card to get his sympathy. As the man, it’s your place to build up her self-esteem, make her see that she’s beautiful, amazing and that you are lucky to have her. Mind you, you have to show it through your actions not just through words if not she will think you are merely patronising her. Just love her truly because sometimes all we need is love to reflect how amazing we are.

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Originally posted on 16/01/2021 @ 5:17 AM


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