Easy ways to know you are handsome and attractive


The first thing you need to know is that nobody is ugly.

Before I proceed, being handsome may go beyond just looks in short handsomeness and beauty are relative. When some find you handsome, others may not.

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These signs follow those who are handsome and attractive;

You get compliments about your looks.
When people find you attractive, some may tell you straight forward that you are handsome, while others may be cunning and sarcastic about it.handsome

When you keep receiving lots of compliments, then you may truly be handsome indeed. Be careful so you don’t get wooed. Some people are just sycophants they compliment you just to get favoured.

When it’s genuine compliment, you will know because you’ve received it from more than one person.

Ladies stare at you.
It could be that on several occasions, you’ve caught a ladies staring at you, and when it seemed like your eyes are going to meet, she stares away.

It may sound funny, but the truth is ladies have the propensity to look at guys they find handsome and attractive.

Watch your friends.
Sometimes, when your friends know you look more physically attractive than them, they may start showing negative attitude towards you due to jealousy.

Other friends may see you as rude and pompous because of your looks, whereas, the fact is you are not.

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Some will copy your style, including your hair style. some may be so insecure to the extent they will not allow their girlfriend to see you, believing you might snatch her away from them with your irresistible looks.

Check the mirror.

Check out yourself in the mirror to see if truly you are handsome, facial symmetry is one important thing people use to determining good looks.

You get prefrential treatment.

Once you begin to notice that you are getting prefrential treatment, or you are being given extra attention most of the time, It’s a crucial sign that you are attractive.

Attractiveness gives you undeserved favour. Because people see you as an attractive person.

people hardly trust you
Ladies to be specific, will find it difficult to trust a handsome and attractive guy.

This is not because they don’t like you, but because they fear that you may be a play boy and other women will definitely have interest in you.

Some just don’t want to be in for you competition with other ladies. Others are avoiding attention from people. People would want to know that handsome guy’s girlfriend which will bring a lot of attention on her.

When a lady starts getting afraid of losing you, perhaps she may be scared that you are too handsome and it’s likely that you’d be snatched away from her.

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Originally posted on 14/01/2021 @ 6:07 PM


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