Delicious words to feed your woman with 

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Women are into words, and their heads get bubbles when you’re good with your words and know when and how to use them.

It’s very important you use your words with your woman and use them smoothly in a way that makes them feel loved and adored.

Here are words to make your woman have no doubt about her place in your life:

I love you

O yes, the classic ‘I love you’ . Say these timeless words intensely while staring into her eyes, it will send the message ASAP. This means you have set your heart on her, your body and soul, and no other woman can replace her. It reassures her of how you feel 💘

You look great in that outfit

Women like looking well-dressed and glamorous. They use good money in acquiring their clothes and extra effort in dressing up and all that is for their men. So you’ll be showing a lot of appreciation and making her effort fruitful if you waste no time in telling her how great she looks in that dress.

Your hairstyle is beautiful. I love it

Yea, women glow up when you compliment their hairdo. You know women take time, effort, and even pain to make their hair. So be quick to observe new hairdo and quickly complement. Say your hairstyle is beautiful and I love it!🙃

You are beautiful

Waste no time in telling her how beautiful she is. In fact, seize any opportunity to say that to her, especially amid family and friends. Yes, flaunt her like that. It will make her glow and make her feel good about herself.

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You have a great body. I want to make love to you

This will make her feel desired, as well as secure her, make her feel comfortable in her skin. She will be glad she has you. Moreover saying one or two naughty things will make your relationship a bit spicy.😉

You are mine

A woman likes a man who knows what he wants and takes possession. Giving her the impression that you want her and want to make her yours and yours alone will make her feel good about herself. Wasting no time to tell her ‘you are mine’ is an instant turn on for her.

You are a rare gem

This tells of appreciation, of how much you value her or how much she’s worth to you. By calling her a rare gem, you also mean she is unique and irreplaceable. Women bask in the joy of knowing that their man believes they are a rare gem, they simply glow in that knowledge. So, try to make her see that she’s your rare gem.

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