Dear Diary: “I was April Fooled and it wasn’t even funny…”


Dear Diary,

It’s the first day of April 2020, and you know what they say about first of April every year…yeah you got it, its April Fool’s day. It’s a day when you can prank anyone like friends, families, co-workers, basically anyone that you know will not feel offended at pranks or jokes… yeah, I have to add that because not everyone is a fan of jokes or pranks lol…and when they fall, you shout “April Fool!” at the recipient. But hey! I’m a fan…winks… I know you’ll say c’mon girl, no one should be involved in April fool’s day at this time, the world is sick and fighting against corona virus and all…yeah I get it, I honestly do, but hey! we got to put some smiles on and lift some spirit up as we are all staying home right? Right!.

So back to you Dairy… I woke up 7:02am…don’t mind me i’m a night crawler and I kinda find it difficult to wake up early… After giving thanks to God to be alive, I checked my phone and saw a text from my friend Rose, she told me she had broken up with her boyfriend… I was like What?! OMG! I was really worried and that is because she has been thinking of breaking up with him for a while now as she doesn’t feel like the relationship was going to last as her boyfriend in question is not giving her the attention she needs as you know ladies love attention…with some other reasons in between and then her boyfriend is not presently in Nigeria and that has been making her overreact in a way.

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I called her later in the day so she can give me the full gist… I like gist sha… She then told me she was tired of his behavior and can’t keep up with his attitude anymore, like she has always been the one that has been calling him and he calls her once in a while and honestly, I don’t like that. I really felt bad because he is her first boyfriend and they have been dating for a year. She also added that she deleted his number so she could forget him totally. I was like… girl, nawa o…no chills, so fast?. 

So, around 12:12pm she called me back and when I picked up she was shouting April Fool! girl, you were pranked! I was shocked…at that moment, all I felt like doing was going through the phone and giving her a big knock on her head! I was fooled to actually believe that she had broken up with her boyfriend…I was not offended, but I told her I was going to revenge and that is because it really pained me that I actually believed her story but that will be a day when she will least expect it…lol.

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READ  Dear Diary: Be careful who you call your friend.

Originally posted on 24/12/2020 @ 7:05 PM



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