Dear Diary: Be careful who you call your friend.


Dear Diary

I have come to realize that not everyone you call your friend is your true friend and that is because most of them are FAKE! Just a few people are lucky to have real friends.

There are two problems that I will summarize:

1) Some people are not used to being alone and haven’t learned to like their own company. 2) They are trying to meet the expectations of other people who are probably very shallow and changeable. These are not good friends. Learn to like who you are and to appreciate alone time, when deep thought and self-reflection takes place.

Once you present yourself to the world authentically and not as some version of a person whom others want you to be, then you will get real friends who can appreciate you. They may not be as numerous as you like but better a real friend than a bunch of fake ones. And remember: YOU are your own best friend!

Back in school, I had a friend. Both of us were like 5&6, we went out together, we studied the same course, we ate the same food, we did virtually everything together, I always had her back, she always had mine.

The day I got to know that our friendship was fake was when I got an outstanding prize during my convocation, I was so happy, my course mates were happy and congratulated me except her.

I didn’t count it as anything and that is because I was overwhelmed with happiness. It was after the ceremony that she came to congratulate me. I later got to find out from a staff that my so-called friend had gone to meet with my Head of Department to quarrel with him and ask him why I got the prize and not her because according to her, her CGPA was higher than mine, apparently she wasn’t genuinely happy for me. I was shocked when I heard but, I forgave her and never confronted her about it.

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You know the problem I have with some people especially ladies, they know that some of their friends are fake but then, they still play along with them and allow these fake friends to hurt them, You know why? It is because they are scared of being lonely. Being lonely helps discover your true self, it also aids self-development among a few, so basically, there is nothing wrong in being without friends at least it’s better than being with fake friends but mind you, always have people around that you can call or talk to, like your parents, siblings or even your mentors.


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Originally posted on 27/12/2020 @ 8:21 AM



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