3 silly reasons why ladies prefer taller guys

It is no longer a secret that ladies prefer dating tall guys to short or average height guys. According to statistics, eight out of every...
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3 Costly mistakes girls make when trying to attract a guy

It's a natural knowledge that guys are attracted to girls likewise girls to guys. However, this publication is centered on some of the things...

Use your head: 5 Medical tests you should do to avoid marital problems

Before I expatiate on why you need medical tests, I know everyone wants to settle down someday, have that every girl or boy who...

4 most important things women find irresistible in men

The connection between a man and a woman is dated back to the very time of man's creation. It is natural and part of our...

4 Ways to tell your girlfriend is cheating by the way she uses her...

Unfaithfulness in a relationship is bad, it makes the partner at the receiving end feel cheated and probably not good enough.  Imagine how bad it...

Delicious words to feed your woman with 

Women are into words, and their heads get bubbles when you're good with your words and know when and how to use them. It's very...
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How to handle a disrespectful boyfriend

Much talk about love, what about respect? Respect is equally as important as love in a relationship because the absence of respect will slowly purge...
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3 important reasons why you don’t have to be nice to women

So I know you'd be thinking, "but girls like guys that are nice to them," "they love guys that do nice things to them...

How to win the hearts of your in-laws

It’s a good thing to win the heart of you in-laws. It has a lot of benefits like in terms of trouble, they will...

4 Reasons why you should not call your ex

Relationship is a beautiful thing, and it’s a place where every reasonable person will like to be. It’s a place where two beautiful souls...

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