3 silly reasons why ladies prefer taller guys

It is no longer a secret that ladies prefer dating tall guys to short or average height guys. According to statistics, eight out of every...

How To Bond With Your Partner Without Having Sex

Wouldn’t you all agree that the measure of a strong relationship is not only in how mind-blowing or how frequent the sex is? Which...

I’m sure your husband comes home late because of these 4 reasons

You rather have your husband at home for dinner, and to yourself the rest of the evening. Cosying about the house and telling each...

How To Know If It’s Love At First Sight

Falling in love, at first, sight is a romantic experience encountered by almost everyone (whether you believe in it or don't). Love, at first...

How To Make Your Man Do Anything For You

You know getting what you want from a man can be quite simple. Men are simpler than women and all it takes to get...

5 Hidden reasons why your woman is nagging you

A reporter, Elizabeth Bernstein, in a Wall Street Journal article, defined nagging as "the interaction in which one person repeatedly makes a request, the...

5 things you should never tell your boyfriend

Good communication enhances the good relationship and wrong communication can only destroy all that has been built. Been sincere and open with your boyfriend...

4 Reasons why you should not call your ex

Relationship is a beautiful thing, and it’s a place where every reasonable person will like to be. It’s a place where two beautiful souls...

4 Ways to tell your girlfriend is cheating by the way she uses her...

Unfaithfulness in a relationship is bad, it makes the partner at the receiving end feel cheated and probably not good enough.  Imagine how bad it...

Steps to take to get a yes when you ask her out

Different guys have diverse ways to approach or woo a lady. Funnily, some of them memorize lines to tell her, and this leads to...

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