7 Things girls do to show they love you. No. 4 will shock you!

Ladies are complex human beings, no man can say he fully understands things about them. They may say a word and mean the exact opposite...

5 Mistakes you are making during sex

Sexual chemistry may be overrated but it does exist. Many have testified to that with some saying their sex lives are great and some...

I’m sure your husband comes home late because of these 4 reasons

You rather have your husband at home for dinner, and to yourself the rest of the evening. Cosying about the house and telling each...

10 things you should never say to your spouse

Love is a beautiful thing and it is more beautiful when the both parties in love are on the right track, I.e, they consider...

5 Hidden reasons why your woman is nagging you

A reporter, Elizabeth Bernstein, in a Wall Street Journal article, defined nagging as "the interaction in which one person repeatedly makes a request, the...

3 silly reasons why ladies prefer taller guys

It is no longer a secret that ladies prefer dating tall guys to short or average height guys. According to statistics, eight out of every...
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3 Costly mistakes girls make when trying to attract a guy

It's a natural knowledge that guys are attracted to girls likewise girls to guys. However, this publication is centered on some of the things...

Use your head: 5 Medical tests you should do to avoid marital problems

Before I expatiate on why you need medical tests, I know everyone wants to settle down someday, have that every girl or boy who...

4 most important things women find irresistible in men

The connection between a man and a woman is dated back to the very time of man's creation. It is natural and part of our...

4 Ways to tell your girlfriend is cheating by the way she uses her...

Unfaithfulness in a relationship is bad, it makes the partner at the receiving end feel cheated and probably not good enough.  Imagine how bad it...

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Steps to take to get a yes when you ask her out

Different guys have diverse ways to approach or woo a lady. Funnily, some of them memorize lines to tell her, and this leads to...

Dear Diary: Be careful who you call your friend.

Dear Diary I have come to realize that not everyone you call your friend is your true friend and that is because most of them...

5 signs your wife is cheating

Women cheat in marriages just like the men do this can not be disputed. Probably your instinct has it that your wife is not...