90s Kids: 11 Naija parents parenting style


Parenting can be a daunting task, it’s super sensitive that one has to tread with care or end up making irreparable mistakes. However, culture influences parenting around the world, what works in California may be a disaster in Ojuelegba. Here in Nigeria, my beloved country, our parents parented us in ways that make us think of our western counterparts as overly indulged. Right? I mean imagine getting away with locking your self up in your room in defiance to your parents plea to talk to you! Hmmmm 🥺 We can’t try it here o. In fact, they’ll arrange you well before you finish the act 😄
So to all my fellow 90s kids, let’s get nostalgic.

Let’s reminisce on the parenting measures our 9ja parents used on us:

1. Hanging that Koboko, grinding engine belt or cable somewhere in the house for use whenever you misbehave (proper flogging 😉)


2. Removing their slippers to thrash you or throw it at you when it seems you’ll run away before they reach the hung cane.

3. Mothers, especially, conking you or wringing your ear for misbehaving.

4. Giving sarcastic answers to questions they deemed stupid.
You: where should I keep the cup of water?
Mother/father: Keep it on my head!

5. Probing your strange new friends with their eyes and questions like EFCC.

6. Telling you “oya comman beat me na” when you stand or act defiantly.

7. Mothers being like “I carried you for 9 months and you sucked this my breasts to get the sense you have now”

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8. Using 2 hours to advise you then capping it all up with “I don’t want to talk too much”

9. Giving you that look that speaks louder than words.

10. Mothers Screaming “I did not kill my mother so you will not comman kill me”

11. Acting like you broke a sacred vow when they see you together with a boy or find the romantic text he sent to you via your mother’s phone.

In retrospect, it seems all funny now. But the truth is we owe our parents so much for loving and shaping us to become better persons in the society.

So guys, for the sake of remembering our childhood, you can comment on other 9ja parents parenting measures I forgot to write about.


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