9 Kinds Of People You Should Run Away From


Associations are one of the most powerful entities in a man’s life with a profound influence on a man’s life. The kind of people a man associate with or keep as a company of friends determine how far he/ she will go in life. There’s no psychology about that, it’s a fact. Most times, it’s very difficult to know these particular sets of people. Most of them appear friend and angel-like but it’s all a façade.

Let’s explore these groups of people, shall we?

The Pretenders

9 Kinds Of People You Should Run Away From 1

This set of people appear to love everything about you but deep down, they wish for your downfall. Stay away from such people, they are called enemies of progress.

The Manipulators

9 Kinds Of People You Should Run Away From 2

This set of people will do anything to keep you because they like sucking you like leeches. They will like to keep you because of what they can get from you. Avoid them, they are suckers of life.

The Harsh Critics

9 Kinds Of People You Should Run Away From 3

It’s helpful to have a constructive kind of criticism. It helps develop and improve someone’s ability in whatever he/she is doing. But when it oversteps its boundaries, it could cause a scar in someone’s life.

The Gossips


This kind of people have the mouth of a basket and they are unsuitable to keep as friends and associates. They lack the ability to keep secrets, so your secrets are not safe with them. Avoid them.

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The Insensitive one

9 Kinds Of People You Should Run Away From 4

This set of people are inconsiderate. They act without considering how you feel. They are careless with words and can hurt anyone close to them. No one deserves to be verbally abused. This kind of person gives you bad energy. You do not want bad energy, do you?!

The pompous

9 Kinds Of People You Should Run Away From 5


These are of the most disgusting sort, they feel they are above everyone. They have no regard for others and no sense of humility even in the slightest. If you get involved with such people, you might develop an inferiority complex, because they will drag your self-esteem to the gutters.

The competitors

9 Kinds Of People You Should Run Away From 6

This kind of people sees everything in life as a competition. They turn everything of yours into competition and if you are not careful you will end up wasting time and resources competing with them.

The grumpy ones

9 Kinds Of People You Should Run Away From 7

They always carry a frown. These kinds of persons flare up at the slightest provocation. They can cause physical pain to their victims. So keep away from such bad energy.

The holders of grudge

9 Kinds Of People You Should Run Away From 8

These people never forgive. Their offenders will never go unpunished. They may pretend to have forgotten but the feelings still linger, lurking in the dark, waiting to strike at the slightest opportunity. Avoid them!

These kinds of people will slow down your progress in life. So if you want to move forward in life, don’t keep such people as your friends and associates. They will drain you emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually.

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Originally posted on 01/01/2021 @ 8:19 PM



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