8 Romantic things you will only see in movies and never in real life


Romance in the movies is all too easy and too beautiful. It is just incredible which is why is the movies right? It’s all unreal and simply dramatic.

Well, here are 8 things about romance that only happen in the movies:

1. Bumping into her/him and falling in love eventually.

2. Obstructing traffic flow to publicly declare his/her love while motorists only stare smilingly.

3. Kissing passionately in the rain during a thunderbolt.

4. Stopping to kiss passionately during an intense battle/gunfight.

5. Behaving all goofy and ‘real’ in the very first minute of their first date.

6. Everyone knowing the lyrics and dance steps to their love affair songs (where are those Indian people?🙄)

7. Easily leaning over for a kiss after a long stare despite being strangers to each other.

8. The wind deciding to perfectly blow her hair the very first moment he sees her.

Now, that’s that. Write your comment on any romantic thing you’ve seen in the movies that is just too dramatic and fictitious to happen in reality.

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