7 Ways modern technology would end the human race

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Technology as we all know has done a lot to our world, it has changed the earth in ways our pedigree would have, probably, never imagined.

Dictionary.com defines technology as the application and use of scientific knowledge for practical purposes

Technology has its good side and also has its bad side, but the funny thing is that we are carried away by the good side (merits) and overlooking the bad side (demerits) which is slowly and steadily pushing the human race as well as other species to the edge.

The costs of modern-day technology is one topic that has been overshadowed by its benefits and not because the benefits greatly outweigh the costs but because people are simply carried away by technology and have engineered their lives to being dependent on technology.

Scientific research has raised alarm on the adverse effects of technology and how, if left unchecked, will cause a catastrophic effect on the world.

Here are 7 ways modern-day technology would end the human race:

Video Games

Kids and adults like playing games, from arcade to shooting, racing, etc. In fact, video games are among the key things that made childhood interesting.
Video games are good, but too much of it can cause serious damages.


In 2017 a man was reported to have died after playing an online game for 24 hours non-stop. Another source also reported that a young teenager died after playing an online game for 22 hours on twitch.

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The events above might seem extreme but if you’re a regular gamer without obsession you don’t have to worry about it. However, there have been reports by scientists that 40% of this generation of gamers suffer from deep-vein thrombosis, a situation that results from sitting on a particular position for hours.

Security hacking

As our technology becomes more advanced, so does the dark world of hacker’s advances. Their occupation is to exploit any new technology in ways that suffer others.

There’s a new form of security hacking, it is called ransomware. Ransomware sees hackers take control of literally any computer, system, or data, demanding payment through bitcoin for control to be restored.

Novel self-driving cars

The self-driving car is a new technology that everyone wants to get their hands on. It may be quite safe when Self-driving cars hit the roads but in a real sense the thought of artificial intelligence (AI) controlling our transportation system throws up some pretty interesting theoretical questions.


What about the possibility of a system malfunction or system hack of a transportation system of self-driving cars? Dysfunctional AI cars colliding randomly against each other, the gridlock of wrecked cars and the splattered blood of smashed and battered passengers. Just imagine the scene; it’s going to be an apocalypse.

Smartphones mania

Smartphones have really changed the way we live. And they are mighty computers we carry in our pockets. This is one of the best technologies for getting informed, entertained, and connected. However, do smartphones have their downsides? Yes, they do.


One downside is that people pay more attention to their smartphones than the real world around them, and this has devastating consequences. A recent report revealed that in 2019, there was an unusual rise in pedestrian deaths due to smartphone distractions.

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Using these gadgets while driving, or even crossing the street with your Airpods can distract you just long enough to cause a terrible accident.


Robots are one of the greatest threats to the human race.
They are already killing humans. I’m not talking about robots killing people in the traditional sci-fi manner where a 50-foot tall robot with robotic eyes goes on a rampage crushing humans beneath its robotic feet, firing laser beams out of its robotic eyes and dividing skyscrapers into two.


Actually deaths caused by robots are happening in factories where humans work. A report was made in March this year that a robot caused the death of a worker in the United States Of America.


I can clearly state here that 99% of the world’s population loves memes.
Sometimes I feel memes should be added as a prescription to people with depression.


Memes can be hilarious. However, certain memes are annoying, most controversial, and subtly deadly.

You may be wondering how are memes deadly? In Russia, a man was sentenced to three years in prison for creating a meme that led to the death of two teenagers who committed suicide.

The name of this dangerous meme was the Blue Whale meme. This meme encouraged people to undergo a series of tasks over a period of 50 days. The final task of this particular meme was to take your own life.

Also, a recent study shows that 30% of depression cases were meme-related, after these people saw some crazy memes on social media, they fell into depression.

In conclusion, technology, like many other things, has its merits and demerits. So as we enjoy the merits, we should try to keep the demerits in check because they can land us into an edge of chaos and the subsequent end of the human race.

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