7 Things a girl does only if she has feelings for you


You know the heart wants what it wants. And when she starts acting all funny and lovely towards you, it could be a sign that her heart wants you.

So, bro, let’s look at the signs a girl displays when she is falling (crushing) for you so that when it happens you wouldn’t be all clueless. 😉

Always hanging around you

Of course it’s only natural to draw nearer to what attracts you. Same is the case with girls when they are falling or crushing on a guy. She would always seize whatever opportunity that allows her stay around you. She will make the silliest excuse just to hang around you and have you notice her.

Dressing up and making up

When she seems to always look good and sharp around you then that could mean she’s trying to impress you. If she runs in for a quick makeup and/or dress up whenever you arrived unannounced, it definitely means she wants you to think of her as pretty.

Telling you so much about herself

Spilling secrets, fears, aspirations, opinions and so on to you could mean that she likes you a lot and trusts you. And if she tells you her deepest darkest secrets it means she’s binding you to her. It’s the human way of creating bond.

Letting you get away with everything

She always let you get away with things for which she would let loose all fury on her friends and family. This is a definite sign that she’s crazy over you 😲

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Showing care even when unnecessary

Seemingly willing to do you favours like cook you a meal, lend you money, ask about your day, comfort you when you are sad and so on. Matter of fact,  there are moments her excessive care gets awkward.

Going all silly and playful

Mostly girls put up a classy attitude around guys but if she acts down to earth and playful around you, it means she likes you and willing to show her real self to you; to create a free and open relationship with you.

Easily showing jealousy

This is where she puts up attitude when she sees you getting a little too familiar with another girl or when the other girl is taking your attention away from her. Only a girl who harbours romantic feelings for you gets easily jealous when she sees you with another girl.


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