6 subtle signs church girls give a guy they love


    Chasing ladies at regular places is easy, but when it comes to church girls, guys find it difficult. You have to be extra careful and on top of your game.

    Most brothers knows it is not easy especially when the two of you cabash and kadosh together. It’s funny right? brother in the lord does not know how to approach a sister of Zion or even know that the spirit is also leading her to him.church

    Don’t worry man of God, I am here to show you how to do that but first you have to be able to understand the main sign she’s giving you.

    These signs could come in diverse ways, it could be in words, or even through actions.

    Sign No 1: How Is Your Mum
    When Ladies ask you this, most times they don’t even know your mum not to talk of meeting her or are even familiar with her enough to ask for her welfare.

    They ask you this with the intentions of proving to you that they are homely, or a wife material as they would say. It is also a way of saying “I will keep good relationship with my mother In-law”.
    Some may even go as far as getting her number to call her.

    They stalk you to know her birthday or when she is down. Just to have opportunity to call.
    When she does this, it’s genuine love, make your move immediately.

    Sign No 2: She Brings Food to You Without You Requesting.
    These sisters can go all out of their way to make you know they care. They know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

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    They use this to their advantage.
    Brothers who are fellowship presidents knows this, likewise single pastors. This very act speaks louder than words.

    Sign No 3: If She Remembers Your birthday And Tries to be the first to wish You a Happy Birthday.

    These ladies can save money months and devise a master plan to capture your heart.
    For months they can be waiting for your birthday like a hawk just to use gifts to get your attention.

    She uses this opportunity to pray for you and wish you good things. This is purely an act of love.

    Sign No 4: She Always Wants To Walk With You.
    This type of church sisters, they like to gum body, they even see you as personal property or self acclaimed boyfriend, so others will stay clear off her property.
    They like to walk with you to church or walk you back home.

    Sign No 5: She Always Ask For Your Advice.
    If she asks you for advice and value your opinion, sometimes calls you to tell you of how other guys are disturbing her or confide in you, she loves you.

    Sign No 6: She Desires That You Cabash Together.
    The desire for praying together is genuine craving for both of you to have fellowship. When your presence is electrifying to her, she enjoys your company and always want to go on evangelism with just you it’s a great sign too.

    To sum it up, these are some of the few signs church girls give to show they love you and are in to you.

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    Originally posted on 13/01/2021 @ 7:13 PM


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