6 Lessons on how to make men respect you

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It’s a man’s world and a woman really needs to put in more effort in order to hold her ground and command respect from men.
Well, as a woman, having men respect you depends on showing certain attributes that will put you in a position where men cannot just ignore you.
So here we have lessons on how to make men respect you:

Respect yourself


This is about having self-respect or esteeming yourself. Men will only respect you if you have respect for yourself by showing true confidence, carrying yourself in high esteem, and having a code of conduct or established boundaries.

Be independent


Being an independent woman is inarguably respectable. Men bear profound respect for any woman who can fare well without depending on others. In this context, independence means being able to stand on your own without relying on someone especially financially and emotionally. A woman who pays her bills commands respect from men and a woman whose emotions are not reliant on others commands respect as well.
However, I’m not saying women shouldn’t receive money from their men or lean on their men for emotional support but being like a parasite that lives off solely on its host will tire your man and make you lose value before him. Prove your worth!

Be humble


Men find women who are independent and humble very attractive and respectable. Men resent women who are independent and arrogant. So if you want to be respected, be humble. Don’t be too proud to relate person-to-person with men no matter their social status. It’s actually respectable to show men that you are independent and more respectable to show them that you are not entirely independent and can need help sometimes.

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Be knowledgeable


Being a well-rounded woman with broad interests and skills makes you someone to reckon with. Men will find you not just respectable but attractive as you will break stereotypes on what women are like, what they like or dislike, what they understand and do not, what they can do and cannot. So when you take your time to acquire vast knowledge on both men and women things, men will definitely find you a dynamic and interesting person as well as a woman to be respected.

Dress elegantly


Your appearance speaks volumes on how you should be regarded. Any woman dressed sloppily will not even get noticed. Looking clean, well-dressed, stylish, and polished tells me that you are a grown-up woman who takes care of herself. This will command respect for you.

Be respectful


Normally, when you respect people, people will respect you. Having all the aforementioned attributes is good but it becomes useless if you are disrespectful of others. Matter of fact, people will disrespect or pretend to respect you if you don’t show respect yourself.

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Originally posted on 08/01/2021 @ 9:14 AM


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