5 Ways You Are Ruining Your Marriage

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Despite the fact that most marriages start-off happily, some couples are striving to hide the troubles within their relationship. There are habits that ruin marriages and make couples fall apart. Here are the ways you can ruin your marriage.

  1. Not being able to focus on each other’s feeling and goal

Couples often feel like their own personal feelings and goals are most important to focus on.

They fail to focus on the things that really matter most. When the couples fail to value each other’s viewpoint/perspective on important matters it ruins the relationship between the couples.

  1. Not communicating and meeting each other’s need

Good communication helps partners to learn about each other’s needs. Learning to really listen to each other is so important, do not assume that your partner’s need is the same as yours.


Speak about each other’s needs and make an effort to fulfill those needs.

  1. Reduction in intimacy

When couples allow the connection and affection between them to decrease.

It is a signal that the relationship is beginning to reach the terminal phase.

  1. Neglecting each other and avoiding sex

Failing to pay attention to each other, blowing each other off, and prioritizing other things over your spouse is a way of ruining your marriage.


Intimacy holds a union together, avoiding sex results in trouble within the relationship.

  1. Addiction to anything

Addiction to other things tends to turn the attention elsewhere. Whether by having an affair or addiction on anything like social media, food, alcohol, drugs, the gamble can lead to jealousy and feelings of neglect.

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Plus, it reduces emotional security within the marriage and makes the partners lose respect for each other.

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Originally posted on 02/01/2021 @ 9:07 PM



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