5 Ways To Ruin Your Relationship

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Are you looking for a way to break your current relationship? Don’t worry we’ve got your covered.

Many relationships fail simply because of the manner in which partners treat each other. There are several behaviors that break a relationship and here are some of the ways.

  1. Lack of forgiveness

Holding grudges against your partner can easily ruin the relationship between you both. The ability to forgive is very important.


People make mistakes, when you don’t forgive your partner even after apologizing it results in unhappiness within the relationship.

  1. Trying to change each other

In every relationship, when you can’t accept each other’s flaws and all then you both aren’t right for each other.

People change but that is because they want to, do not force them into it with insults, and pressuring suggestions.

  1. Neglecting intimacy and compliment

In a relationship, always show your feelings -whether you are angry at your partner or when you are admiring your partner- do not think those feelings are too boring to share.


A compliment is important, show your partner how you feel. Plus, no matter how busy your life gets always find time to be alone with your partner and share an intimate moment with your partner.

  1. Stop listening and ignoring your partner

When you don’t listen to your partner (vice-versa) and you do not care enough, it is a sign that the relationship is in trouble.


When you are ignored by your partner or otherwise for a long period of time it results in to disconnect between you both plus, when you stop listening to each other it leads to a lack of respect which is a greater way to kill a relationship.

  1. Not making quality time for each other
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While you’re together try not to kill the fun. If all you do is stay silent or do small talks while you’re together it will certainly reduce the affection between you both and your presence will be a lot less important as a result can lead to failure of the relationship.


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Originally posted on 03/01/2021 @ 6:18 PM



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