5 Ways to quickly forget about your divorce and move on


Divorce can be so heartrending and traumatizing. Getting consolation from people can only go so far but finding genuine peace of mind is totally up to you. You have to come to terms with the divorce and make certain changes to get your life back on track.

Here are helpful ways to help you get over the emotional distress of a divorce:

Delete chats, SMS, mails, phone numbers that link to your ex


This will help cut out links to your ex. Keeping a history of chats, SMS, mails and phone numbers could tempt you to want to contact your ex, seeking for a kind of reconnection. You may also find yourself revisiting old messages, evoking emotions that will only make you feel terrible.

Matter of fact, changing your phone number and email is a positive step to moving on and finding your inner peace again.

Lose yourself in an activity you enjoy

5 Ways to quickly forget about your divorce and move on 1

Find something you love doing and lose yourself in it. Make sure that thing you love doing allows you to interact with people. It could be sport activities, music lessons, dance lessons, painting, reading and so on. Make sure you react with positive-minded persons who won’t judge you but give you reasons to move on. Losing yourself in what you enjoy doing will give you reasons to smile, laugh and look towards a better life. Gradually, you will realise the heaviness or pain caused by the divorce wearing away.

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Be around happily married people

5 Ways to quickly forget about your divorce and move on 2

Hey, I bet you are thinking how does hanging around happily married people help heal the trauma of a divorce. Well, the thing is it takes two happy individuals to be happily married and being around them will help you realise what it takes to remain happy in marriage. Their character and approach to the institution of marriage will somewhat rub off on you. Your perspective about marriage will change.

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This will be particularly useful if you are open to the idea of remarrying in the future. Hanging around happily married couples will help answer questions such as; What makes a lasting marriage? What makes a happy marriage?

Count your blessings

5 Ways to quickly forget about your divorce and move on 3

Yes, divorce can be devastating but you shouldn’t let it eclipse your whole life. There are always good things to enjoy and appreciate. Focus on counting your blessings instead of your woes. Focus on the good things happening in your life; good job, shelter, financial stability, loving family and friends. This will definitely make you forget your troubles sooner.

Having a loving family and friends is priceless, as they will be there to comfort you and give you a shoulder to lean on. Stop worrying about an individual that is lost and try to embrace the loving individuals present in your life.

Quit counting your woes and begin counting your blessings.

Say your prayers and meditate

5 Ways to quickly forget about your divorce and move on 4

Prayer and meditation gives you the strength to find relief and break the emotional yoke.

If you are responsible for your failed marriage, prayer and meditation will give you the strength to forgive yourself. And if you are the one who has been wronged, prayer and meditation will give you the courage to let go and forgive.

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Meditation helps you to think things over, come to terms with your reality, identify lessons learned and ways to move on and grow.

Truly, divorce is hard, it is draining and depressing. But you don’t have to keep dwelling in your sorrows because it will get you nowhere in life. Count your blessings, enjoy life and move on!


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Originally posted on 13/03/2021 @ 9:42 AM


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