5 unique rare features that makes you special


    An average normal person has two hands, two legs and a lot of human anatomy and physiological features in between. But there are a few people that turn out to appear differently.

    This set people take the word special to a whole new level and in most cases, they are rare.

    Here are a list of eight unique body features only a few special people possess – some may appear common, others may not.

    7. A Single Thick Line Across The Palm
    Take a look at your palm, If you have just one thick horizontal line running through your palm, then you are among the special 1.5% of the world’s population born with a single crease that are considered to be rare.5 unique rare features that makes you special 1

    A single crease on the palm is often normal and more common in men than female. Although, Most people have three lines on each palm.

    6. Morton’s Toes
    Here is another rare and unique feature. Look down at your feet and check your toes. Is your second toe disproportionately longer than your biggest toe – If your answer is yes, you form a part of the 10% of people with Morton’s toe.rare

    A larger percentage of people have their big toe and second toe at about the same length. People with Morton’s toe usually experience foot pain and are selective with the kind of shoes they usually wear.

    5. Outie Navel
    Expose your stomach and examine your belly button (navel). Only a few people have a projecting navel that looks like a tied knot.

    The great majority of people have an inner type that looks like big dimples. Contrary to popular beliefs, an inner or outer navel has nothing to do with how a baby’s umbilical cord was cut at birth.

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    4. Green Eyes
    Among other eye colours, none is as rare as the green eye. The most popular eye colour happens to be brown.

    Only 2% of the world’s population has green eyes – they are rare because green eyes are as a result of genetic mutation.

    3. Long Palmar Muscle Tendon
    Try to lay your hand flat and let your thumb and pinky finger make contact. Then, strengthen your other three fingers to look like a claw.

    If you did it right, you may see a cord like structure poped up on your wrist. That means you have a long palmar muscle. If nothing shows, it means you are among the small group of people who do not have it.

    2. Hole Near The Ear
    It is believed to be a congenital condition, a hole near the ear is usually harmless and almost useless.5 unique rare features that makes you special 2

    Sometimes it appears on both ears and does not influence a person’s personality in any way whatsoever. Only 5% of the world’s population that are living with this tiny hole at the top of their ear.

    1. Heart On The Right
    Chest x-ray of a person with heart on their right side5 unique rare features that makes you special 3
    Yes! It is real. Believe it or not, some people have their hearts at the right part of their chest.

    What is more surprising is the fact that it does not have any negative consequences on the person with such a condition. Less than 1% of people in the world possess this extremely rare and unique feature.

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    Originally posted on 29/12/2020 @ 6:58 PM


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