5 things you should never tell your boyfriend

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Good communication enhances the good relationship and wrong communication can only destroy all that has been built. Been sincere and open with your boyfriend is a nice step in building a healthy relationship but there are limits to which you can open up. In fact, keeping a few thoughts to yourself can be of great benefit at times, especially if revealing your thoughts will serve no real purpose but rather hurt one’s feelings.

Here, I’ll be sharing with you 5 things you should never say with your boyfriend no matter the circumstances;

  1. You’ve gained weight/ you’re going gray

There are certain things that no one appreciates hearing most especially when those words are been said to them by there loved ones. Saying such words to your boyfriend only leaves him hurt, sad and worried,  he might start to think you’ll cheat on him at the slightest opportunity you get since you no longer find him attractive as he uses to. If you think he’s no longer looking good to you, there are nicer ways to encourage or help him take better care of himself or get back into the shape you desire.

  1. I can help you shop

This might sound like a normal thing to you as a lady, but not all guys would understand that you just want to assist. Never ask to help him shop for his groceries or clothes unless he asks for your help. Some boyfriends might find it very insulting with the thought that you think they don’t really know how to shop for clothes or groceries that meet up to your taste  and that’s why you are offering to help him.

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3. That you’ve been doing nothing all-day

No man would want to hang out with a lady who only sits all by herself doing nothing throughout the day when he calls to check up on you and ask what you’re up to when you’re clearly aware that you’ve been doing nothing all day, I suggest you find a reasonable answer to give aside saying “NOTHING”. An ambiguous reply such as responding with you’ve been doing “a lot” or “one or two things”  is always preferable to sounding like a lazybones.

  1. How hot his best friend or brother is

Never say how hot your boyfriend’s best friend or brother is, otherwise, he’ll become suspicious of you and also anything you say or do around them. Keep your crushes a secret to avoid havoc in your relationship.

  1. That you don’t like his family

You’re technically an outsider who might become a member of the family soon, it could hurt your boyfriend when you don’t love his people. Parents and child relationships are often complicated, even though your boyfriend doesn’t get along with his parent, you, on the other hand, don’t know them too well as he does. Try to know your boyfriend’s parents and create a good relationship with them rather than disliking them because your boyfriend doesn’t get along with them.

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Originally posted on 26/12/2020 @ 7:52 PM


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