5 things you need to know about introverts


Know weather you are an introvert or not by these facts;

1. Those who are introvert do not necessarily want to be alone by themselves all the time.

However, they do seem to be more comfortable with their own thoughts than others.

2. Being an introvert has little or nothing to do with shyness, nor does it imply that they are scared of interacting with others.

What it does mean is that introverts do not often introverts simply for the sake of interacting.

3. Introverts ideal eating setups are usually at home with some soulful music around rather than big restaurants.

4. The downside of introverts is that they often get stuck in their heads.

They tend to over-analyze every even both positive and negative. They replay the memories continuously in their head, over and over again.

5. Introverts cannot be expected to BECOME extroverts. They simply have a totally different temperament and manner of handling things.

Sometimes the best solution usually comes from having a combination of the two personality types.

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Originally posted on 15/01/2021 @ 9:44 PM

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