5 things you do that affects your intelligence


Intelligence is a matter that has been on debate for quite some time now, of whether it is a hereditary trait or not.
Studies have shown that intelligence is 60% hereditary and it can also be built and developed.
Since intelligence can be built and developed, there are activities we engage in daily that are harmful and causes our intelligence to diminish.
These activities are not only destroying our intelligence but also they go a long way to stop an individual from reaching his or her goals in life.
If you want your intelligence to improve greatly and remarkably and for you to reach your goals in life. There are things you ought not to do.
Take care of your mental health by avoiding these 5 things.

1. Fear
Fear is a negative emotion and it does more harm than good. Our thoughts and emotions go a long way in influencing our reality. Just as Positive thoughts and emotions attracts positive things to our lives so does negative thoughts and emotions attracts negativity to one’s life.
When you let fear to take hold of you, you will never take a bold step in life. Don’t let fear to rule your life.
Whenever you are afraid of trying new a thing, it’s a more reason for you to dare to do it. Fear is a sign that what you are about to do is big and great. Take charge of your life and convert that negative energy into a positive one to drive your vision to the end.
Intelligent men are Bold men.

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2. Lack of confidence
Lack of confidence greatly affects our intelligence and mental health. Low confidence arise as a result of us feeling inferior and incapable.
When you lack confidence, it’s because you don’t believe in yourself. Leave your comfort zone, dare to do what you are afraid of. Doing what we are afraid of increases our confidence. No man is an island therefore, learn new things that will add value to your life.
Be mindful not to confuse confidence with arrogance.

3. Avoid Loneliness
Humans are term as social animals and our brains are configured in such a way that we learn a lot of things by associating with other humans.
In other to go far in life, we need the help of others and we can’t get them by being lonely. That is why we need to associate with people.
Research has shown that individuals who socialize perform alot better in cognitive tests than those who do not.
Hanging out and mingling with friends relieves stress. It helps to improve mental health and overall human intelligence.

4. Drinking of alcohol
Apart from causing damages on body organs like kidney and liver, alcohol also affects the human mental health. It brings about a decline in the ability to comprehend.
Regular drinking of alcohol diminishes the brain by causing a rapid increases the deterioration of the brain cells thereby making it difficult to learn new things.
Even if you want to consume alcohol, don’t do it frequently so as to prevent damaging your brain.

5. Having Insufficient sleep
Sleep is very important to our overall well being. It is recommended to have about 6-8hours of sleep daily.
Insufficient sleep affects our ability to remember things.
If you want to study for exams, it’s advisable you do it days before the exam so that you can have enough sleep the night before the exams. Enough sleep aids retrieval of information and full brain activity.
Above all, maintain good hygiene and remember health is wealth. It’s better to spend in maintaining your good health than to spend in trying to restore your health.
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Originally posted on 22/12/2020 @ 7:28 AM


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