5 Surprising facts about laughter I bet you don’t know

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Laughter is a universal language everyone understands but I bet there are facts about laughter you don’t know and they include the following:

Laughter was the first language of humans

According to some scientific research, before humans evolve to Homo sapiens, they related to one another using laughter.

That was millions of years ago. Matter of fact, babies and children born blind and deaf have the ability to laugh, which is because the laughing mechanism is ingrained in our brains as humans.

Laughter keeps couples together

Couples who always laugh together stay together in contrast to couples who hardly laugh together or don’t laugh together at all.

According to Robert Levinson, a professor of psychology at the University of California Berkeley, couples who laugh together have higher relationship satisfaction and stay together longer than couples who don’t laugh together because laugh helps to deal with stressful situations.

Laughter has amazing medicinal benefits

According to research at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, watching comedies improves your circulatory system.

Another study from Loma Linda University found that laughing boosts the memory of adults in their 60s and 70s.

Another study has shown that laughing can improve your body’s immunity, improve sleep, and regulate blood sugar levels.

So you see the scientific research has shown that laughing is of medicinal benefit to the body.

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Our brains react to the sound of laughter

Sophie Scott, a neuroscientist at the University College London, monitored the brains of her specimens while she was playing a laughing sound, she observed that the premotor cortical region of the brain, which prepares for movement of the muscles in the face, became active.

This explains why laugh seems contagious, I mean you can’t help but crack a smile or laugh when you see people laughing. That is because your brain reacts to the sound of laugher.

Laughter also burns a significant amount of calories 

Research has it that an increase in your heart rate and consumption of oxygen during a comic moment boosts the burning of calories in your body.

Actually, according to a study at Vanderbilt University, 10-15 minutes of laugh daily can burn about 50 calories.

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Originally posted on 10/01/2021 @ 7:22 PM


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