5 signs your boss hates your guts


A boss who always gives you bad vibe definitely doesn’t like you. And that can be trouble for your career especially if you aspire to make progress at your workplace. Yes, he will definitely be a roadblock stopping you from moving forward.

Now, let’s look at telltale signs that means your boss simply hates your guts:

You never get commendation for your good work

If you always put in effort and resources to carryout assignments, produce excellent results and beat deadlines yet never get praised but silence, it means your boss doesn’t care about you. Hence, doesn’t give a hoot about making you feel appreciated.



You seldom get an audience

Your boss sure doesn’t like you if it seems difficult to get his attention on office matters. If he regularly cancels your meetings, forgets to return your calls and emails and doesn’t seem to care about what you need to see him for, it sure spells out dislike for you.


You no longer get invited to important meetings

He hates you if you oftentimes hear of meetings that you are suppose to be a part of and should have had input on happening without anyone inviting you. If he meets other team members to discuss key updates or a project without meeting you, it tells that he has unceremoniously cut you off as a member of the A-team because he hates you.

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He wastes no breath in criticising you

Criticism, when constructive, makes us better at what we do. However, if your boss is quick at criticising you and it seems nothing you do, no matter how hard you try, pleases him, it reveals that he hates your guts.


He Doesn’t Seem to Care if You Leave

We keep what we value and throw away what we don’t. Likewise, bosses will try everything possible to keep a valued employee and wouldn’t give a hoot if an unvalued employee considers leaving. Well, if your boss doesn’t give even a slight objection to your decision to leave, it tells of a possible dislike for you.

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Originally posted on 16/01/2021 @ 2:16 PM


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