5 Signs She Is Crushing On You

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The thing is we all had that lady or girl crushing on us at some point in our lives, some of us still do well, unless if you are a robot.

And we have had people crush on us too, it is just that it is less frequent or has never happened with some of us😄. Well, this article is base on certain signs that tell you a girl is crushing on you. So guys look up!

1. She’s eager to talk to you:If she seems eager to jump into a conversation with you and engages you delightfully in the conversation, it could mean she has a thing for you.

Being quick to say hi and talking quickly in a single breath while lingering to say more are definite signs.

2. Your smile brightens her countenance:Seen here on several occasions reacting sweetly to you smile or laughter? If yes, it signifies she likes you and likes it when you are in a good mood. You know it’s only natural to be happy when the person you like a lot of love is happy.

3. She sulks when you’re with another girl:This is a no brainer when it comes to telling that a girl is crushing on you. It’s only a girl who is crushing on you that will become sullen and withdrawn when you are getting friendly with another girl. It means she is jealous and wants to have you all to herself.

4. Always looking groomed and pretty round you:This means she’s putting extra effort into looking good so you won’t find her looking less attractive.

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This is driven by a desire to appeal to you. So if a girl is always hanging around you looking all dressed up and made up, it could mean she is crushing on you and really wants you to notice her.

5. Her body language:In our interaction with people, our body language speaks volumes about our intentions and feelings.

Using body language to tell whether a girl has a crush on you or not is not definite as it varies according to personalities.

However, here are some body languages that tell a girl is crushing on you; leaning over to touch you, staring into your eyes, avoiding your gazes coyly, blushing sheepishly, holding your hands, resting her head on your head.

Note that this body language may occur consciously or unconsciously. So guys there you have it; signs that tell a girl is crushing on you.

Bet you’ll be more sensitive around girls now😉.

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Originally posted on 28/12/2020 @ 8:57 PM



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