4 Ways to tell your girlfriend is cheating by the way she uses her phone

Photo by Fallon Michael from Pexels

Unfaithfulness in a relationship is bad, it makes the partner at the receiving end feel cheated and probably not good enough. 

Imagine how bad it can be if your girl plays you for a fool by secretly running into the chambers of another guy while you are thinking she is yours.

Anyway, there are signs you can use to tell whether your girl is cheating or not and they include the following:

1. When she goes suddenly phone-private on you

I’m talking about changing her phone’s passwords and seeming to answer calls out of earshot. And giving flimsy excuses why you can’t use her phone or start acting funnily if she sees you using her phone.

2. When you always find her chatting and smiling

This could mean she is chatting with another man especially when she does it frequently. In this case, she is getting all lovey-dovey with him.

3. Not answering her calls in your presence or speaking sparingly when she had to answer in your presence

Of course, she wouldn’t want to answer a call from her other lover in your presence. And whenever she had to answer, she seems to use her words carefully and hurriedly. If you are observant you’ll smell something fishy.

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4. Frequently leaving your calls unanswered or having her phone switched off or on number-busy 

When your calls go unanswered or it seems her phone is frequently switched off or her number is frequently busy when she’s not with you, it could mean she’s with another guy and don’t want you disturbing or creating problems between she and her new flame.


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