4 Signs She Doesn’t Love You

Photo by Vera Arsic from Pexels

A relationship is rarely perfect. When in a relationship, the lady can say “she loves you” but it doesn’t mean she actually loves you. How is a man to know if the woman is telling her the truth? Her actions can tell whether her love is true. Here are some common signs that she doesn’t love you.

  1. She won’t talk to you and she won’t want to spend time with you. If she consistently keeps coming up with excuses to not physically be with you or talk to you it is a sign that she doesn’t love you.
  2. She won’t sacrifice for you. To love someone you have to care and make sacrifices for the sake of love. When she doesn’t care it means she doesn’t love you.
  3. When she doesn’t admire you or she’s no longer physically attracted to you is another common sign that she doesn’t love.
  4. When she begins to hang out more with her friends when she begins to stay out late at night with her friends and when she won’t put you above her friends it’s a sign that she doesn’t love you.

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Originally posted on 05/01/2021 @ 5:08 AM



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